Mehrbin Sepahan Stone Group

Mehrbin Sepahan Stone consortium has started its activity since 2016 with 13 stone processing factories and 8 quarries. The company activities focus on the provision and production of raw and processed stone and decorative stone, as well as supplying and distributing raw materials and production equipment needed for the construction stone industry.
Although the scope of the target market is national and international, but particularly, it has focused on the foreign trade actors of building stone, contractors in building and construction industry, building designers and architectures, executives and façade makers and all stone sale intermediaries.
Based on its modern and updated equipment and high variety of sizes and dimensions, MSS Company has been able to create a special position for itself as a specialized and capable collection in the construction materials industry.
The outstanding advantage of MSS is the quality of stone processing, high product variety and the ability to supply at any scale, all of which brings satisfaction to our stone clients.

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