About us

Vision and Mission

As a well-known company in the main and biggest stone industrial zone, our vision and mission mean:
– We are oriented to supply excellent stone products and services through cutting-edge technologies according to the international standards and the customer requirements.
– We listen to our customers and develop a strong and cooperative relationship with them.
– We globally supply our customers and focus on safety and efficiency to create competitive advantages for our customers.
– Total quality and customer satisfaction is our final goal.


As a leading company in the stone industry our objectives include:
– Maintaining worldwide market of the stone industry for exporting the best quality constructional and luxury stones.
– Producing and processing a wide range of stones in various sizes and colors with a lot of advantages for different applications.
– The capability of exporting to American and European countries.
– Adding more new stone quarries to our collection.
– Having access to new technologies in the field of the stone equipment and machines.

Our Commitments

– Anticipating and understanding customers’ needs and satisfaction.
– Making our products available within reasonable time limits.
– Offering best and competitive prices.
– Not taking any risk to disgrace our reputation and our commercial dealing are never touched.

Group Members

Naein East Separo Marble Quarry
Lazang White Onyx Quarry
Lazang Travertine Quarry
Lazang Traonyx Quarry
Iran Dena Stone Industries
ُShilaneh Quarry Complex
Bolkhari Quarrying & Processing Complex
Pars Natural Stone Complex
Delta Stone Fabricating Complex
Hasan Abad Abrizeh Quarry Complex (Imperial)
Setareh Sang Kavir Quarrying & Processing Complex
Coup Granite Industries
Mahsang Sepahan Stone Group