Onyx is a form of quartz stone and comes in various colors, from whites and yellows up to reds and orange. It has been used in interiors for several years now, as it can create beautiful and dramatical effects when placed on the wall or as a vanity top, etc.
Onyx lighting fixtures, wall cladding, light-transmitted countertops, lampposts, permeated floor, permeated bar tops, onyx table, desks, onyx wall, onyx ceilings and light-transmitted background wall, shower cabin, bathroom sinks, artifacts, and other design projects, all offer spectacular ideas for creating a unique interior design and add to decor a touch of chic and style.
With light set behind it, it becomes partly translucent and will look stunning and create perfect ambient lighting for this small space. Its unique pattern looks perfect also, when the lights are off, creating a stunning focal point in the interior.
Decorative wall panels made by onyx are marvelous, perfect for any interior design ideas blending this beautiful natural stone with LED lights and adding a stunning look to home furnishings, accents, and distinct architectural elements. Onyx looks incredible with wood, concrete, steel, and glass, creating functional, spectacular and ultra-modern interiors