Chocolate Travertine

Tile Slab

Chocolate toned travertine tiles have many different shades. The chocolate travertine tile includes hues which transition from warm to cool and light to dark.
It is always highly in demand because of its dark colors and its compact structure. These are characteristics that make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications and especially for environments subject to heavy traffic. It is often combined with other lighter-colored materials to obtain particular geometries and plays of light.
The dark and warm tones of the Chocolate travertine are much more visible if this is cut perpendicular to the grain because it shows the various layers of sedimentation of calcium carbonate.
If cut parallel to the grain, Chocolate travertine has a more uniform color, always dark tones but with a more soft, almost faded effect. Its excellent technical properties make it suitable for many uses and processes.

Product Details

  • Water Absorption (%) : 1.05
  • Apparent Specific Weight (kg/m3) : 2.49
  • Porosity (%) : 8
  • Compression Strength (kg/cm2) : 560
  • Abrasion Resistance (%) : 3