Tile Slab

The background color of G410 granite is turquoise blue which makes it a unique granite. On its surface there are brown and golden veins which gives it a warm theme.
Using this granite gives a combination of modern and traditional theme to the area because of its nature which is natural stone and its color that is one of the main colors used in Iran’s traditional architecture.
This granite is definitely an ideal choice for decorative elements and luxury areas such as lobbies and parking areas. However, using it in common areas such as stairs and flooring, can give character to the area specially when combined with other materials.

Product Details

  • Water Absorption (%) : 0.09
  • Apparent Specific Weight (kg/m3) : 2.57
  • Porosity (%) : 1.44
  • Compression Strength (kg/cm2) : 1356
  • Abrasion Resistance (%) : 7.7