Tile Slab

L01-1 limestone has got a light brown (almost golden) background. It is also called Wooden Pattern due to its similarity to wood’s color, design, and veins.
This product is processed in form of veined and has nearly parallel veins on. The color of the veins are darker than the background ones. Sizes of the veins are variable depending upon the stone pattern which grant a particular beauty to the stone. This limestone is also considered as marble due to its similar application to marbles.
This limestone is one of the most luxurious and best-selling stones because of its uniqueness.
Its most applications are in interior and exterior design, flooring, stair, and countertop.

Product Details

  • Water Absorption (%) : 0.95
  • Apparent Specific Weight (kg/m3) : 2.60
  • Porosity (%) : 2.19
  • Compression Strength (kg/cm2) : 652
  • Abrasion Resistance (%) : 3