Tile Slab

The color of M35 is rose or soft orange. However, in some areas of the quarry, you may find the colors of pink and grey of this stone.
This product has got black impurities spread on the whole stone in the form of drawn designs. Combination of this color with the orange color evokes leopard skin in the mind.
Light passes through this marble somewhat.
This product has newly been entered into the market. It has also been much welcomed by builders, architects, and designers.
Its most applications are in the interior & exterior walls, flooring, lobby, and stair. On the whole, it may be used in all parts of the building.
This product is too hard-to-cut and costly in processing.

Product Details

  • Water Absorption (%) : 0.07
  • Apparent Specific Weight (kg/m3) : 2.68
  • Porosity (%) : 0.29
  • Compression Strength (kg/cm2) : 846
  • Abrasion Resistance (%) : 23.6